3D NFTs.

All in Blender.

Create, Upload, and Mint thousands of NFTs, all from Blender with the Blend_My_NFTs Add-on and Cozy API.

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Custom 3D
NFT Generation

We offer custom boutique 3D NFT generation services. You give us the art work, we give you thousands of unique rendered images, animations, or generated 3D models.

Need something SUPER custom? No problem, our expert team of software engineers and 3D designers are capable of modifying our tools to fit your needs.

Checkout the work we did for the VOX Coodles project. We generated over 50,000 images, animated 3D models, and ERC721 compatable metadata files in under a week.

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Image of Blend My NFTs user interface.

What is
Cozy API?

Cozy API is a storage and smart contract service provided by This Cozy Studio. It is fully integrated into the Blend_My_NFTs add-on, making uploading and minting 3D NFTs easier and more accessible than ever!

To see what's next checkout the Cozy API Roadmap and join our Discord server for updates.

See Plans (Coming Soon...)

What is

Blend_My_NFTs is an open source Blender add-on developed by This Cozy Studio to enable 3D artists to generate large 3D NFT collections. It is able to render images, animations as well as generate 3D models in multiple formats. The add-on also supports metadata formats like Cardano CIP 25, ERC721, and the Solana Metaplex Standard.

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Image of Blend My NFTs user interface.

Find your Cozy Place now!

This Cozy Place NFT collection is the first 3D generative NFT collection made in Blender with the Blend_My_NFTs add-on. Minted on the Cardano blockchain, each Cozy Place is unique and has beautiful dynamic lighting. Every object was created by our 3D designer Devlin Leonard.

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This Cozy Place Sample NFT Image

Cozy API Roadmap

This roadmap outlines our goals and where we want to take This Cozy Studio in 2022. We have a lot of ideas and concepts that we are working on.

1. Cozy API Launch

IPFS and Arweave storage service that directly integrates with Blend_My_NFTs. Private beta tests and investor packages will be available.

2. Ethereum and Polygon Minting

Ethereum and Polygon smart contract minting functionality, customizable smart contracts, and more.

3. Cardano and Solana Minting

Cardano and Solana smart contract minting functionality, customizable smart contracts, and more.

4. Integrating Other API services

All-in-one 3D NFT creation platform, utilizing other community built services to increase functionality.

5. Integrated Render Farm

Cozy API will enhance the capability of your computer and will allow you to render thousands of NFT media files with ease.

6. 3D NFT Marketplace

With a growing team, we will create a 3D NFT marketplace, the bedrock of which will be the free Blend_My_NFTs add-on and the Cozy API.

7. VR Marketplace Integration

We will integrate our 3D NFT Marketplace with platforms like Steam VR, Oculus, Decentraland, The Sandbox, and more.

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