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VOX Coodles

VOX Coodles is a collection of 10,000 3D Voxel Coodle Avatar NFTs that represent Sandbox Game Avatars, created by the Coodles Team. Getting a VOX Coodle NFT provides instant perks & advantages for the Metaverse world. The collection is a product that was brought to life in order to provide amazing Sandbox related utility to holders while also being a cute Metaverse avatar model that could be used by the owner in many other ways. Their official Sandbox Creators that are partnered up with Sandbox will make sure to produce the best possible outcome for exciting Sandbox experiences and Play to Earn activities!

This Cozy Studio worked with VOX Coodles and generated over 50,000 images, animated 3D models, and ERC721 compatible metadata files in under a week. Our team also organized and prepared their 3D assets to be compatible with the Blend_My_NFTs art engine.

Not only did VOX Coodles need thousands of 3D animated models, but they also requested a randomized background colour for their thumbnail images. We successfully developed this custom feature at their request. Each rendered thumbnail image has a randomly selected background color, the HEX code of which was added as an attribute in the ERC721 metadata for use on OpenSea. You can find the work we did on their OpenSea Collection page.

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